CMS Made Simple is a application and content management system that allows people to create small to medium sized websites, of 1,000 pages or less. It is designed for use with websites that incorporate lots of text, such as corporate websites, or personal web pages.

CMS Made Simple does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows the website admin to quickly and easily add and edit website content and dictate the layout of the site at the same time. It includes features such as the ability to incorporate a search function, as well as the ability to incorporate a professional laid out contact form.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) when it comes to CMS Made Simple. It allows new web masters to execute tasks that web experts can do, but without any knowledge of the HTML language. The tool bars are not just clear, but they are made simple, so any web master can get to grips with it within minutes, much like OpenOffice Writer and also MS Word.

The installation process relating to CMS Made Simple is incredibly easy. So many websites these days have just too many features, which detracts the attention of the visitor from the message that the site is trying to portray. CMS Made Simple uses modules to allow web masters to make their site as simple or as complicated as they like. These modules include the shop, photo gallery, calendar, but also things like the forum. The abilities are endless when using the CMS Made Simple content management system.

CMS Made Simple is full of advantages, but one of the many is there are no layout restrictions. This means that a web master can make their site unique and as basic/complicated as they like, to ensure it is fit for purpose. Those that manage to pick up some HTML knowledge can use the editor to customize their site even further!

Sites that use CMS Made Simple and look great as well:

CMS Made Simple is exactly that; easy! After a few minutes using the demo, newbie web masters can find themselves executing complex tasks that they could not of ever dreamed of doing before.